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We are ready and waiting to begin production for you today. Our team holds the rare combination of decades of experience interwoven with a commitment to innovation and to cutting edge processes that deliver outstanding results for each and every client.

Stage 1

Product Development

We’re always ready to discuss a new product and work flexibly with any prospective client. That’s why as well as creating wonderful food under you own label, we also offer our entire menu to our valued clients for purchase under private label.

Stage 2
Stage 2


We offer handmade food that is truly exceptional. Exceptional in taste, quality of creation, and price competitiveness. Whether an international retailer, a national retailer, or even a new entrepreneur with a bold culinary idea that needs some support to achieve it, our team is ready to get to work for you.

Stage 3
Stage 3

Our Distribution Capabilities

With all our food made on site in our Kensington warehouse facility in Melbourne we take pride in our commitment to seeing your order is perfect the first time, and every time that follows to your desired destination.

Stage 4

Let’s start something big!

Our team is ready and waiting to hear from you and to take the first steps in building a terrific new chapter for your business.

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